Identical reproduction

Our Architectural Heritage is rich in terra cotta elements, shapes and colors varied.

Our Knowledge made by more than a century of terra cotta manufacturing, give us opportunity to be able to work for “Bâtiment de France” and Historical Monument for restoration and identical reproduction.

Our moulds’s collection abound of models.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a piece not found in our catalog. We’ll can propose to you a model similar or approching, or a quote for an identical reproduction.

You can find below some of our projects in Identical reproduction.

Gare du Sud des chemins de provence at Nice – France (06)

Références 6
Identical reproduction of 8 models of Edge tiles, ridge tile with decoration, butt-end and finial.
96 ml  of Edge tiles and butt end color “paille”
27 ml of Ridge tiles with decoration, color “paille”.

Historical Monument.

Palais des Arts de Marseille ou Palais Carli – France (13)

Références 13

Identical reproduction of the roof and upgrading to DTU 2012.
950m² of Tegulae (flat roman tiles) and Imbrex (ridge roman tile) glazed in 4 different yellow.
22ml of decorated ridge, reproduction from antique prints.

Historical Monument.

Palais Princier of Monaco

Références 15

Identical reproduction of Flat tiles “scale” for 2 dome of the Palais.
Identical reproduction of the color “aged”
Coat of arms gilded with gold leaves.

Château Ribaute at Béziers – France (34)

Références 4

Identical reproduction of tiles “fer de lance” color “paille”
Identical reproduction of ridge tile and finials glazed in green.

Eglise Saint Martin at Oullins – France (69)

Références 11

Identical reproduction of decorated ridge,
30ml glazed by hand in white, yellow and blue.

Historical monument.

Cathédrale Saint Antonin de Pamiers – France (09)

Références 16

Identical reproduction of flat tile “Marseille” with scale and decorated ridge.
1500m² of tiles color “aged”,
56 ml of ridge glazed.

Historical Monument.

Eglise Sainte Rosalie at Tourrettes-Levens – France (06)

Références 19

Research of 4 colors from reference gave by the architect.
Identical reproduction of flat tile “scale” glazed.

Historical Monument.

Maison de Gardien at Fécamp – France (76)

Références 5

Identical reproduction of roof frieze.

Palais Lascaris at Castellar – France (06)

Références 14

Identical reproduction of flat tile “scale” glazed in 3 colors.

Palais de l Agriculture at Nice – France (06)

Références 12

Identical reproduction of roof frieze and finial.

Historical Monument.

Ecuries de l’Observatoire at Nice – France (06)Références 10

Identical reproduction of Edge tiles and roof frieze.
Glazing of 200m² of flat tiles “Marseille” in 3 colors
23ml of ridge tiles and 18ml of Edge tiles.

Historical Monument.